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Pettus Elementary School

Principal: Laura Holder
(361) 375-2296 ext. 166
Elementary Counselor: Pete Ferrer
(361) 375-2296 ext. 177
Elementary Secretary: Marizelda Arrisola
(361)375-2296 ext. 200

Our Mission

Pettus Elementary School, in partnership with the community's commitment to quality education, is to provide an orderly learning environment, opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills, attitudes, values, and personal esteem so that students become life long learners, thinkers and productive members of society.

Sec. 26.015. POSTING OF INFORMATION REGARDING ADMINISTRATOR RESPONSIBLE FOR STUDENT DISCIPLINE. A school district shall post on the district's Internet website, for each district campus, the e-mail address and dedicated telephone number of a person clearly identified as:

(1) the campus behavior coordinator designated under Section 37.0012; or

(2) if the district has been designated as a district of innovation under Chapter 12A and is exempt from the requirement to designate a campus behavior coordinator under Section 37.0012 under the district's local innovation plan, a campus administrator designated as being responsible for student discipline.