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Schools » Pettus Secondary School

Pettus Secondary School

Grades 6th - 12th

Principal: Rickey DeLeon

[email protected]

(361)375-2296 ext. 122
Secondary Counselor: Paul Rodriguez
(361)375-2296 ext. 135
School Secretary: Melinda Leal
(361)375-2296 Ext. 112


Our Mission

is to develop accountable, productive citizens by providing a

safe environment conducive to strengthening higher level

thinking skills while fostering respect for self and others.


Sec. 26.015. POSTING OF INFORMATION REGARDING ADMINISTRATOR RESPONSIBLE FOR STUDENT DISCIPLINE. A school district shall post on the district's Internet website, for each district campus, the e-mail address and dedicated telephone number of a person clearly identified as:

(1) the campus behavior coordinator designated under Section 37.0012; or

(2) if the district has been designated as a district of innovation under Chapter 12A and is exempt from the requirement to designate a campus behavior coordinator under Section 37.0012 under the district's local innovation plan, a campus administrator designated as being responsible for student discipline.